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Front of House Volunteers

Theatre Macon is always looking for volunteers to assist with the running of the Front of House. There are several ways to get involved at the Front of House and be among the first smiling faces Theatre Macon patrons see. Click the “Volunteer Form” above to see what slots are available for the next production. These opportunities are available to anyone ages 8+.


The Box Office Manager is responsible for opening the theatre lobby doors one hour prior to performance start time, selling tickets and subscriptions to patrons in person using cash or credit card, making accurate change, balancing out the cash drawer at the end of their shift, dealing with an occasional unsatisfied customer, working under stress when lines are long, and providing accurate information on the theatre to patrons.

Additionally, the Box Office Manager communicates with the production Stage Manager for when the lobby is clear prior to performance start time and following intermission. The Box Office Manager assists with seating any latecomers, and locks the theatre doors 15 minutes following performance start time. Box Office Managers are needed are needed Thursdays - Sundays when a production is running.

Box Office Manager is a 2-4 hour time commitment

Note: Box Office Managers must be trained on our system before they are eligible to volunteer. Email if you are interested in being trained. You may also sign up as a House Manager to receive training during your shift. 


The House Manager works alongside the Box Office Manager to Check In guests who have already obtained their tickets. As guests arrive, the House Manager ensures they have purchased tickets, and ensures they know their correct seats. Additionally, prior to the show, the House Manager checks all restrooms to ensure they are stocked with necessities. House Managers are needed Thursdays - Sundays when a production is running.

House Manager is a 1-3 hour time commitment


Ushers assist with welcoming guests, providing them with a program, and guiding them to their seats. Upon arrival to the theatre, Ushers are responsible for picking up programs and other trash in  the theatre seats prior to opening house. Ushers are welcome to watch the performance so long as there are seats available and they are able to make a quick exit to assist in case of emergency. Ushers are needed Thursdays - Sundays when a production is running.

Ushering is a 1-2 hour time commitment


Sales People assist with handling call-in or walk-up ticket purchases during a production’s opening week. Box Office is open between the hours of 12pm and 4pm.


Sales People are a 4 hour time commitment per slot.

The Color Purple
The Color Purple

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Jessica Whitley Photography

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